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Just hold my hand baby
And I promise I won't leave
Let's take a walk around a picture frame
Let's smile, let's believe
Just lock my lips baby
And I promise I won't let go
Let's talk 'til the endless morning
Let's feel infinite, let's know
Let's remember
Let's reminisce
Let's be passionate again
Just be nostalgic
Remember love?
Remember "kiss, kiss, kiss"
And you're above?
Remember the trampoline
And the stars?
And the never-ending music
And just feeling so far?
The effortless brush strokes
And flawless drawings of perfection
Portraying love, passion
Suspense, and deception
The white pianos
And black saxophones
The silver flutes
And golden trombones
Just run with me baby
Forget the words
Just pick up your paint-brush
Let's change the world
:iconanunsolvedmistery:AnUnsolvedMistery 1 9
Wildly Ablaze
Her heart pounded to the rhythm of the writhing drums of her beating brain
Her heart, it... "she" crumbled
A few too many times in every minute of every hour of every day
She laughs and smiles
And drinks and eats
And studies and reads and sings
And sleeps, well barely
And... She lives
A Wall
The face is her eyes, her mind
The right: the people
The left: that that will not be named: her 'heart', if you will
A Clash
Nothing kills harder
Nothing stands stronger
Nothing more powerfully rooted
Nothing growing more superbly
The Clash
A bust of explosions of burning black lava
The Clash
An implosion of blood inside that possessed diabolic creature inside her cage
Stop the red knock-knock-knocking inside that fragile cage
Stop the black ex-ex-exploding inside those raging fiery eyes
Will you be passionately ardent enough to
:iconanunsolvedmistery:AnUnsolvedMistery 1 0
I believe that it will all make sense
That we'll reach a point where all the trivial things that 'matter' right now
Simply won't
I believe we will love again
And be passionate again
And understand again
I believe we'll reach a point
Where humanity isn't so disgusting
And humans aren't so inhumane
I believe everything that supposedly 'differs' us today
Really will
We really will be different
One of a kind
But as for now
Look around you
What's different?
The almost identical green trees outside?
The almost identical voices in your head?
The almost identical people down the street?
The almost identical cars you see everywhere?
The cellphones?
The houses?
The clothes?
Answer me!
At least nothing on the outside
But when we reach that point
That place
Our souls
Or whatever it is that keeps us living
They'll be different
They'll know
So as for now
Keep walking
You and the Billions of creature around you
You and the Billions of things livi
:iconanunsolvedmistery:AnUnsolvedMistery 2 0
Won't Waste A Minute
That rush I get
When I so much as
Think of him
The way he makes
Me go completely
And insanely
Out of my mind
The way I just
Want to hold him and
Kiss him and
Never let him go
The way he looks at me and
Makes my heart jump out of place
The way he stares at me like
I'm the first person he ever saw
Like I'm the only girl
To ever move him
Like I'm the only one
In the whole entire galaxy
Like there's no sunshine
When I'm gone
Like I'm everything
He ever dreamed of
Wanting and
Like he'll hold me
Until forever
And a day
And after that
He'll start counting
All over again
Over and over and
Over again
The way he talks to me
Like I taught him how to love
Just like his mother taught
Him how to walk
And talk
Just like his God taught
Him how to see
And feel
The way he listens to me
Like there are no other words
He'd rather be hearing
The way he makes me feel
And irresistible
And irreplaceable
The way his eyes assure me
That I will always he his
And he mine
That I will always be
Loved an
:iconanunsolvedmistery:AnUnsolvedMistery 0 4
Mind-Fuck - Part 2 -
Break the Silence
Please... Break my Mind
Break it into millions
Because I know I'll end up losing all the pieces
Losing my Mind
Then maybe I'll start hearing voices and sounds
Maybe I'll hallucinate pictures and noise
Then maybe they'll break the Silence
And it won't be so loud
Break the Silence
Please... Break my Mind
Break it into millions
Because I know I'll end up losing track of the pieces
Losing track of You
Then maybe every speck of you, every trace, will disappear
Maybe I'll forget you, and see again
Then maybe that will break the Silence
And it won't be so loud
Break the Silence
Please... Break my Mind
Break it into millions
Because I know I'll end up losing my hearing
Losing the pieces in my ears
Then maybe the pieces will start screaming from the inside
Maybe I'll actually hear them pleading this time
Then maybe their little voices will break the Silence
And it won't be so loud
Just Break me
And end this
Because the Silence... is too loud
The Silence... is... killing me
:iconanunsolvedmistery:AnUnsolvedMistery 1 5
Look No Further by AnUnsolvedMistery Look No Further :iconanunsolvedmistery:AnUnsolvedMistery 1 0
Time's Up - Part 1 -
It ticks
In my head
This ongoing clock
Tick Tock
Tick Tock
It's my physics final
It's my graduation dress
It's the heels I just bought
The cab driver: "where to?"
The text I just got
The reminiscing phone call
It's the new hit song
The party last week
"It's a waiting game from here on"
I keep telling myself
It's "Take three steps back"
And "Miss the next five turns"
It's "Do not pass 'Go', do not collect 200"
It's "You're too short for this ride"
And "Too young for this game"
It's "You've been denied from this college"
It's "Your scans aren't ready yet"
And "Your biopsy is crushed"
It's "You need blood transplant"
And "The operation is in an hour"
It's "Your 'chemo-friend' passed away"
And "Your scans show no traces"
It's "Hodgkin's Lymphoma Stage 4"
It's five surgeries
And nine scars
It's "This was never a side-effect"
And "Let's name it after you"
It's I couldn't move for five fucking weeks
And you get me crutches and morphine and say "
:iconanunsolvedmistery:AnUnsolvedMistery 1 0
An Extinct Tribe
From oppression to depression
From peaceful beauty to aggression
I've been oppressed and depressed
And as a number assessed
I've seen war-crimes but nonetheless
I keep fighting despite the stress
Playing brothers and mothers
And children like chess
Killing millions of people
Leaving others compressed
Degraded and assaulted
But do you hear it on press
My hundred year old house
They claim to possess
The two hundred year old olive tree
I can no longer address
They speak of us like an extinct tribe
"Palestine?" we'll just digress
We are human, just like you
But I'm not like you, I confess
I seek humanity, justice
I seek feelings to express
I am rooted, determined
Where I belong, I'll repossess
I won't deteriorate
I won't give in
I won't surrender
We won't succumb
I promise you
I swear to you
We will ALL convalesce
:iconanunsolvedmistery:AnUnsolvedMistery 1 18
Accidentally In Love
Nothing seemed to matter
Not the kisses
Nor "I Love You's"
Not the car rides
Or birthdays
Not the sweet talk
And certainly not the cheesy jokes no one else got
They sat on a cold stone
An icy winter night, it was
She was on his lap
Her hand on his neck
Playing with his curly thick long hair
Her other hand holding his
His other hand on the warmth of her back
Tracing every speck of skin
Her flesh shivered with each slight movement
Eyes locked
Bodies unite
Hands fixed
They remained
They still remain
In each blink
Every night
Each dream
Every kiss
And every hug
Every "I Love You"
Each fight
And every argument
Each tequila shot
And cigarette
Every memory
Every gathering
Every party
She sees him now
On the dance-floor
She tries to blame the music
But she knows it's not to blame
Not the music
Nor the dance-floor
Not the girl's dress
Or her irresistible confidence
Not his beautiful smile
And certainly not the happiness in his eyes
All she could do is sit there
-A sweet wine bottle in her hand
:iconanunsolvedmistery:AnUnsolvedMistery 1 0
'Never Learn Me'
You shook my eyes to the rhythm of your psychedelic eyes
Fortitude lost in definition
A battle of drugs and alcohol
And you still dare to look into my sky-blue eyes
And wink with all collapsing abyss
"Puff, puff, pass Baby"
I drank
The vodka tasted sweet beside your naked bleakness
The cranberry sour
The first was okay
The second just right
The eighth absolutely perfect
The fifteenth you started to blur
I lost count
You dissolved into the portrait on the wall
An abstract painting of turquoise ocean eyes, mind-blowing perfect smiles, and...
I crumbled in your steady arms
Under your warm breath
I could hear each speck of air in and out of your tar-filled lungs
I could feel each fleck of blood up and down your intoxicated body
I could see each thought, each image, each judgment and criticism
Each idea, each memory
Every realization and every theory
Every hallucination you ever had
Every delusion
And it compelled me to insanity
"Of all the things I lost, I miss my mind the most"
Except I d
:iconanunsolvedmistery:AnUnsolvedMistery 1 0
Black Jack
You don't choose the cards you are dealt
You just choose the way you play them
I sat on my chair
Looked at the cards in my father's hand
A Ten and a Six
"Hey, Amal," he said, "Hit!"
A king -strength, supposedly
Why 21?
21 is the age you have to be to start drinking
21 is the last year she spent healthy
21 is the number of years he spent hoping, fighting
21 is the number if decades he was sentenced to spend in prison
21 is the age she was when she gave birth to her daughter, Aseerah
As you had your first legal martini
She sat in her meter-by-meter prison cell thinking
Wondering how to play her cards
As you had your first legal martini
She sat there writing a goodbye letter in a card
To give to her daughter who will literally never see sunlight
"على هذه الأرض ما يستحق الحياة"
She wrote to her
"These are your cards"
She wrote
"Now g
:iconanunsolvedmistery:AnUnsolvedMistery 0 0
He held her hand and she shook to the rhythm of his heartbeat. "Make it softer" she pleaded. "I bruise easily, I break… I'm weak." He refused the mere thought of her, the thought of staring into her sunset sky eyes, into her raging fiery heart. She stared into his deep dry eyes. "FUCK THIS! Explain…" she screamed as she torched the flame in her eyes, the burning of her heart, the blaze of each breath, the flare of her dying soul. "Salvation, make me yours again!" "Escape!" he ordered her. He wouldn't let her in. He couldn't bare the thought of her touch, her fiery skin setting him ablaze. Every cell of his body shivered with the thought of collision. He was cold as ice. She was shivering like fire on snow. They both needed one another. He figured, a mere thought, ice belongs on ice. He belongs with the others: the ice-cold thorny roses. She refused. She held him by his shoulders. "I DARE YOU!!" She whispered boldly. Holding his neck with one hand and unshaved face with the ot
:iconanunsolvedmistery:AnUnsolvedMistery 0 2
shh 'Zzz'
Go to sleep baby
Go drown deep baby
You're not cheap baby
Don't you weep baby
Hush baby
Don't you cry
I'll take care of you
Til the day that I die
Hush sweetie
I won't lie
I'll take care of you
Won't say goodbye
Hush honey
Go count sheep
I promise you
We'll eternally sleep
I'll hold your hand baby
On your command baby
Understand? Maybe?
No demands baby
I'm so sorry honey
I'm just so lost
I'm out of options
What was the cost?
I lost our heartbeats
Now they're just tossed
I lose our thoughts, see
Our trails were crossed
Hush baby
Don't say a word
There's no use
We're not heard
Hush sweetie
Just breathe in
We just ended
We won't begin
Hush honey
Just go to sleep
I'll wake you up
When I'm not so deep
Just hush baby
And I will too
I'm out of words
Aren't you?
:iconanunsolvedmistery:AnUnsolvedMistery 1 3
Last night
I slept with a hand on both eyes
And one of my chest
I covered my eyes from the image of your piercing pupils
And my heart from the stabbing aches of faded love
Last night
I slept with both hands interlocked
Like a zipper, my fingers aligned perfectly
My hand gets so lonely
As Venus appears beside the gorgeous unsettling moon
Last night
I slept with both legs dangling from one side of the bed
The position made me feel hung
Like I was falling
Like you were pulling me down
And he was holding me by my shoulders
Last night
I slept with one arm under the pillow
-The warmth just feels safe-
And the other on my dresser
Eager for him to wake me up
Fervent for a call
Holding out for him
Last night
I slept with a hand on my mouth
And the other lost in midair
I tried preventing myself from screaming out his name
While you still hold on to a part of me
A part lost in space
Last night
I slept with both hands interlocked over my chest
I was trying to hold on to him
To his intense touch vi
:iconanunsolvedmistery:AnUnsolvedMistery 1 7
Tell me..
Does Venus treat you fine?
Does Picasso really cut in line?
Does 2pac still look so damn fine?
Tell me..
Are there Jupiter drops in your hair?
Are my grandparents playing fair?
Are Greek Gods really there?
Tell me..
Is God really true?
Is walking as if you flew?
Is there a whole world of shoes?
Tell me..
Do you do your hair everyday?
Do you ever see the end of May?
So you wake up and normally play?
Tell me..
Can you look over me if you're not alive?
Can you hug me even if I don't strive?
Can you make me smile? High-five?
Tell me..
Will you come back for me?
Will you forever be free?
Will you not reincarnate as a chopped down tree?
Tell me..
I am still a lonely half!
Looking for answers I'll never have!
Digging in memories of half-faded laughs!
Tell me..
Will I ever get a chance?
To have just one glance?
To listen to you hating on Trance?
Tell me..
Do you know who I am?
Do you mind telling me?
Cause I sure as hell don't have a clue!
:iconanunsolvedmistery:AnUnsolvedMistery 1 0
Passion Masquerade
I hate you
I hate how you seem so happy around our friends
I hate how you call her your everything
When I know you lost your all when you lost me
I hate how you pretend it's over
I hate how you convince yourself that you don't love me anymore
I hate the fact that you hold her how you did me
When all I can think about it holding you like I did
I hate the way you walk
The way you talk
The way you're cheesy and naive
- I don't mock
I hate the way you smile
The way you speak
There are better things you can do with your lips
I hate your annoying laugh
I hate how I cut you in half
You don't realize I crashed too
On your behalf
I hate your sparkling dark eyes
And your perfect dark curly hair
I hate how you contaminate me with your voice
And the way you breathe your air
It's not fair
I hate how conceited you are
I hate how you still smoke your cigars
I hate how you think you can play guitar
But by far
The worst of all
Is that I HATE
How I don't hate you
Not even a little bit
Not eve
:iconanunsolvedmistery:AnUnsolvedMistery 3 6


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the beginning.
you make the waters glisten
like tiny diamonds half molten and trickling
i see the same gleam in your eyes
even in the darkness
they shine
and your simple voice
so suave over the phone
rings like a soft drum beat
as you pluck the lightest tune on my heartstrings
yet now it's still reverberating
despite you being elsewhere
those light fingers of yours
tracing lines down my arms-
a ballerina's dance
prickling the nerves under my skin;
a gentle tap dancer across my lips
do you believe in love
the same way i do?
keep the words unspoken;
love's too special to be rusted by
our imperfections
and maybe for once
this rainbow you've painted across my sky
might stay
:icondryunderyourumbrella:DryUnderYourUmbrella 9 15
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Skin Deep
My scars are not skin deep
Their tendrils twist my soul
I see beauty now and I hate
Pinned to the past by marred skin
No longer a person in others eyes
'That girl,' 'poor girl' she was so pretty
The looks of horror or sickening pity
Sting like fresh wounds
I am lost, alone
Bitterness taints happiness
My soul is now scarred
My scars are not skin deep
:iconian2407:ian2407 5 10
Calling Card by vicioushandgame
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I think these are my last few days on dA...
I believe that I took everything dA has to offer me for now.
Who knows, I might be back in a few years...

I was never into the idea of sharing my writings. For so many reasons I can't even begin to list..
A couple reasons though:

1. I feel that writing is too personal. It's not meant for the world, but for you!
just like playing piano. I rarely ever perform to anyone. Simply because I play for ME!
I hope I'm making sense...
what encouraged me in dA to overcome this was the fact that we're all strangers to each other here (well with a couple of exceptions) and so it was like a virtual world.
In a way I still haven't shared my writings.
In a way you people don't exist (I really don't mean it to offend anyone. I hope you guys understand this)

2. The other reason was plagiarism
I am in constant fear of having my work, in full or in part, stolen.
It's like stealing a piece of me. stealing a  piece of my identity. of my soul. of my mind even!
I couldn't bear the idea of losing myself to a complete stranger.
I stopped worrying about that for the few minutes it took me to create this account because I knew you all would understand.
Because sometimes when I find a poem, painting, quote, anything really with the word "unknown author/painter/artist" under it, a little piece of my heart breaks!
(bear the cheesiness! :innocent:)

I do want to thank :iconknorn: :iconxrainbowmuffinx: and :iconparadox1208:
without those guys, I wouldn't have even been here...
It really was a great experience.
But I'm really done for now...
I also want to thank all my deviants for the support and for the art!
You guys are amazing artists, each and every one of you!

(wow i feel like i just won the Grammy and i'm giving my speech... :aww:)

P.S For those of you who want to stay in touch please feel completely free to contact me at ''

Much Thanks and Love :tighthug:
  • Listening to: I Won't Be Left - Tegan & Sara
  • Drinking: Tea


Reem T.
Reem M.T.
April 5th
Born in Jerusalem
Grew up in Ramallah
One older sister
A Pianist since age 7
A Writer since about 13
Cancer Survivor (Lime Green / Violet Ribbon)
A Little Bipolar
Sometimes conceited
Insanely stubborn
There's always a Smile on my face
I laugh at anything (in a good way, i think)
Every speck of blood in me is Palestinian
Except maybe one or two, they're Lebanese
That's pretty much it.. My life story :)

We act as though comfort and luxury
were the chief requirements of life
All that we need to make us happy is
something to be enthusiastic about
- Albert Einstein –

Current Residence: Palestine
Favourite genre of music: One Rule: No Screamos


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